Terms and Conditions for buying a rabbit from Skipps Stud

We do not sell to persons under the age of 18 unless accompanied by an adult

Our babies are not allowed to leave until 12 weeks of age and are completely weaned from their mum, they are completely vet checked at the age of 8 weeks where they will also be sexed and thoroughly checked over and given a clean bill of health, the sex of the rabbit we sell you is to the best of our knowledge correct but mistakes can happen as young rabbits are quite difficult to sex as most vets and breeders will verify so we will be 99% sure that you will receive the gender  you’ve asked for.

Babies can be viewed from around 7 weeks and reservations can be taken from there once they are weaned from mum successfully, a £20 deposit will secure your chosen baby, this is to prevent time wasters, this deposit will be non returnable and the outstanding amount will be paid in cash upon collection of your baby, you will be given  changeover food with your baby and suggest if you plan to change their diet that you do so slowly weaning them from their changeover food to the new feed, it is important that this is done to save upset tummies and bloat etc which could create a problem for your little one.

Your baby can also be rung if so required so you will need to let us know if that is what you would like as they will not be rung automatically

We will also provide you with our contacts for you to keep in touch with any problems or issues you d like to discuss at any time, we offer lifelong advice and will be happy to help with anything you d like to discuss  



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